We thought we’d give a bit of insight to our daily sorting & marking process, at the Charity Shop, and answer questions you may have as to what we do and don’t accept 🙂

What can you donate to SAINTs?

While we appreciate every donation, the best guide to donating would be to check your donation, and decide if someone will pay money for the items.

Although we love receiving classic books (in good condition), we also have to be picky with the novels we accept; newer releases always do much better for Online and Charity Shop sales. Children’s books are always a hit, and we sell suspense, thrillers & crime genres pretty well.

Electronics and gadgets are always fun for our customers – if they are working. Please test items where you are able, as we don’t always have the resources to do so and so sadly have items returned from time to time, due to not working.

Clothing free of tears, stains, rips and holes are always wonderful to receive!

Collectibles, undamaged decor, kitchen utensils in good condition, intact chargers and cables – all of these can make money in the Charity / Online shop.

Which items aren’t worth the sticker they’re priced with?

Steers sauce packets and used stirrers don’t really sell, neither do torn and stained clothing, we also battle to sell just one shoe or bags with no straps.

Old text books and 1994 telephone directories don’t fly off the shelves either.
Rather throw away items which have perished, suffered damage due to non-use, rusted, faded, melted – recycling is also a way to help 🙂

False teeth are a “no-no” – and please, don’t bring us fur items  Rather donate those items directly to shelters so the animals can benefit from it, at bedtime 🙂

Why the way you donate, makes a difference for us:

We would love if the items were sorted before they are brought in, as we focus our time on making as much money as possible; sorting through item takes a considerable amount of time out of our day (which means there is very precious time spent on sorting and discarding – without a place to dispose of un-sellable items).

As a result of “mass disposal”, one of us would have to stop work and take the items to recycling or the dump. We are paying to dump rubbish, with money which could be used for the animals


Beggars can’t be choosers, we know.

BUT we have a passion to raise as much money as possible for the animals, and we’d love to spend every minute doing just that!

To the many that bring lovely donations, we thank you sincerely – it is always a pleasure opening a bag or box with neatly packed items, freshly washed clothing, or even labelled items to give us more background on the item(s) donated.

The beneficiaries and ourselves, are always very grateful for the donations received 🙂

Love and licks,

Team SAINTs ♥

Charity Shop Etiquette: What To Donate?

Fun had at Murphy’s this weekend, and the CLAW book sale coming up!

We hope you all had a lovely, refreshing long weekend and spoiled the dad(s) in your life.

We had a fantastic evening on Saturday, at Murphy’s pub night!

Lots of fun was had, board games shared, cards played and even some impromptu karaoke! A special thanks to all our loyal supporters, beneficiaries who attended and Mark Gammage for the live entertainment.

We are also very happy to share that the bookings are coming in for the venue, as people realize the potential the lovely gem has! We have booked a Christmas in July event, a 50th & 21st respectively, Cupcake Workshops and more! If you have an event or party coming up, pop an email to events@saintsshop.co.za and see what we have to offer 🙂

Don’t forget that our traditional book sale is coming up – we are hosting CLAW at the book sale this Saturday! Be outside the Checkers in Northriding Square between 10am & 3pm for R 15 bargains.

See some of the images from the weekend below, or follow Murphy’s page on Facebook for regular updates. The next event at Murphy’s is a SAINTs Night Sale – details to be confirmed soon!

Love and licks

The SAINTs Team

The long-awaited REVEAL!

We have sure been busy this last week, prepping ourselves to the bone for our first official event – The Harry Potter Quiz! On the 3rd of June we hosted wizards and muggles alike, and enjoyed an evening filled with laughter, bribery, dress-up, abused waiters, and plenty of liquid luck!

Results of Harry Potter Quiz
Well done again to the Crook-Sanc Cats (the lovely ladies from Co-Sanc) who won the quiz, as well as making some real effort towards (and ultimately winning) the dress-up competition! We can’t wait to host another event like this – we are planning more like these in the future, so do yourself a favour and follow the Murphy’s page on Facebook… now! 😉

Events in your near future…
Spaniel Welfare (SA) are hosting the first in their “Around the World” nights, and we are hosting a SAINTs Pub Night on the 17th June – come along from 18:00 for a drink or two, and a peek at the venue! We are taking bookings, just email events@saintsshop.co.za 🙂

Cora Bailey Challenge Results
We managed to raise over R 31 000 towards the Cora Bailey challenge! Over R 11 000 was added to the Steri Fund kitty, R 10 000 went to CLAW and R 10 000 went to Co-Sanc after securing the most nominations from contributors. Thank you to each and every person who kindly donated towards this challenge!

SAINTs turns 5 years old!
We are heading towards our birthday month, so we are quite excited for a couple of surprises coming your way! Don’t forget to buy a ticket for our big raffle – the luxurious Dilulo Baron Office Chair (valued at R 19 000!!!) is up for grabs at R 10 per ticket.

Have a look at highlights from the event & the venue set up in our gallery >>>

Love and licks,
The SAINTs Team



Events to look forward to at SAINTs!

Our tiles have arrived, and are being installed as we speak – a few hands sped up our chair project but we are still chomping at the bit to get it done in time… which we will! 🙂

These are the events we have planned for our next book sale, and for the pop-up shop, as soon as this Saturday!

BOOK SALE for SAINTs Sterilisation Fund
R 10 per book if you buy 10 or more!

Outside Checkers, Northriding Square,
cnr Bellairs & Blandford str, Northriding

27th May 10:00 – 15:00

R 15 per book OR  R 10 per book if buying 10 or more!

WOOL SALE at the Pop-Up Shop
A supplier is having a closing-down sale, at the SAINTs Pop-Up Shop, on 27th & 28th May!

Shop 19a, Northriding Square,
cnr Bellairs & Blandford str, Northriding

27th May 11:00 – 15:00
28th May 10:00 – 14:00


A quiz night like no other, we are so excited to see you there!

Shop 19a, Northriding Square,
cnr Bellairs & Blandford str, Northriding

3rd June
19:00 – 21:00

R 50 per person
Entrance and goodies included



Chopping & Changing

We are so excited, as the first day of the work week for us (no hate against Mondays from us) starts off with the removal of the existing, boring tiles in the Pop-Up Shop!

We can’t wait to show off the new look as soon as those tiles are in, to show you what you can get out of hiring our lovely space. Our first private event is already booked, for a Wool Sale, on the 27th (11:00 – 15:00) & 28th May (10:00 – 14:00)!
Here is a sample of what you can expect:


A fraction of what you can expect at the Wool Sale, 27th & 28 May

As always, we are only too grateful for volunteers to assist us in getting the shop from 0 to 100 by the 25th May, so if you have time to spare (and creativity as a plus), please don’t hesitate to pop in and help us get the shop ready!

Love and licks

Team SAINTs ♥

What does SAINTs have to say? A LOT!

We love to keep our followers updated on the comings-and-goings of SAINTs, but find ourselves clogging the precious auction pages with our news – so here is our very own space to let you know what is happening 🙂

Our most exciting news is the launch of our new venture! You will hardly recognize the former Online Shop, as we have turned it into a stunning venue for fundraising AND for hiring! Whether for a birthday gathering, a themed dinner, product launches, pop-up shops, exhibits, talks, workshops, pamper events, private screenings, intimate engagement / wedding functions … you name it!

If you choose to hire our venue, the catering and drinks are up to you – which saves a lot of costs and allows you free reign!

The official launch will be on the 1st June, with photos and pricing to follow!

One of our first events will be the Harry Potter quiz night, which we are so excited for!

Love and licks,