Chopping & Changing

We are so excited, as the first day of the work week for us (no hate against Mondays from us) starts off with the removal of the existing, boring tiles in the Pop-Up Shop!

We can’t wait to show off the new look as soon as those tiles are in, to show you what you can get out of hiring our lovely space. Our first private event is already booked, for a Wool Sale, on the 27th (11:00 – 15:00) & 28th May (10:00 – 14:00)!
Here is a sample of what you can expect:


A fraction of what you can expect at the Wool Sale, 27th & 28 May

As always, we are only too grateful for volunteers to assist us in getting the shop from 0 to 100 by the 25th May, so if you have time to spare (and creativity as a plus), please don’t hesitate to pop in and help us get the shop ready!

Love and licks

Team SAINTs ♥


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