We thought we’d give a bit of insight to our daily sorting & marking process, at the Charity Shop, and answer questions you may have as to what we do and don’t accept 🙂

What can you donate to SAINTs?

While we appreciate every donation, the best guide to donating would be to check your donation, and decide if someone will pay money for the items.

Although we love receiving classic books (in good condition), we also have to be picky with the novels we accept; newer releases always do much better for Online and Charity Shop sales. Children’s books are always a hit, and we sell suspense, thrillers & crime genres pretty well.

Electronics and gadgets are always fun for our customers – if they are working. Please test items where you are able, as we don’t always have the resources to do so and so sadly have items returned from time to time, due to not working.

Clothing free of tears, stains, rips and holes are always wonderful to receive!

Collectibles, undamaged decor, kitchen utensils in good condition, intact chargers and cables – all of these can make money in the Charity / Online shop.

Which items aren’t worth the sticker they’re priced with?

Steers sauce packets and used stirrers don’t really sell, neither do torn and stained clothing, we also battle to sell just one shoe or bags with no straps.

Old text books and 1994 telephone directories don’t fly off the shelves either.
Rather throw away items which have perished, suffered damage due to non-use, rusted, faded, melted – recycling is also a way to help 🙂

False teeth are a “no-no” – and please, don’t bring us fur items  Rather donate those items directly to shelters so the animals can benefit from it, at bedtime 🙂

Why the way you donate, makes a difference for us:

We would love if the items were sorted before they are brought in, as we focus our time on making as much money as possible; sorting through item takes a considerable amount of time out of our day (which means there is very precious time spent on sorting and discarding – without a place to dispose of un-sellable items).

As a result of “mass disposal”, one of us would have to stop work and take the items to recycling or the dump. We are paying to dump rubbish, with money which could be used for the animals


Beggars can’t be choosers, we know.

BUT we have a passion to raise as much money as possible for the animals, and we’d love to spend every minute doing just that!

To the many that bring lovely donations, we thank you sincerely – it is always a pleasure opening a bag or box with neatly packed items, freshly washed clothing, or even labelled items to give us more background on the item(s) donated.

The beneficiaries and ourselves, are always very grateful for the donations received 🙂

Love and licks,

Team SAINTs ♥


Charity Shop Etiquette: What To Donate?

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